Branko Ivanković (Head coach Oman National Football Team):

„The successful coach – The choice is yours Maxi !“ is a book that I read in one sitting. It is written in a simple and concise manner and the author definitively succeeds in putting these interesting but unfortunately quite often neglected topics in a practical guide for everyday use. After I read the book for the second time, I recognized the author’s effort not only to describe and convey the technics of how to become successful  coaches but also to encourage them to evaluate their own potential and start using it to develop their own communication and marketing skills.

Nicola Kearns writer (Ireland):

„Football books aren’t usually my thing but The Successful Coach by Marijan Hizak is a great read for everybody. Well written and uplifting it is a must for anybody in a leadership or coaching role, but also full of inspirational quotes that we could all do with whatever our walk in life.“

Enver LugusicGoalkeeper Coach )

“Excellent book. A valuable experience of the best Croatian coaches summarized in a lovely     Irish story. The book helped me to improve my performance in a demanding job at Japan   Football Association.”

Maria Isabel Brazalez:

„With a clear and direct language, this book offers a wide vision of the keys to succeed in the world of coaching. I found it really illustrative and enlightening. I loved it.“

 Amazon customer :

“This book helped me a lot. I recommend it to all coaches especially young ones.”

 Amazon customer:

“Very motivational and inspirational book, not only to football fanatics, but to people who are looking for a greatness inside themselves. From strategical thinking to self-discipline, this book smoothly uncovers secrets of how your life could be improved. This book is an ideal treat that will make a difference to how one thinks and acts in a daily life.

The reason why I am giving 4 stars is because this book covers a lot of football topics. Football fanatics will surely read this book with tears in their eyes, remembering dramatic moments on a field, but this didn’t happen to me, because I never been to a football game in my life.

Amazing book. “


Maxi Mark Kavanagh / Dundalk Leader, 7th December 2016

” The book is based on a true story of a man who got a second chance in life and took it. Just like what happened to Stephen Kenny when he signed for Dundalk FC for years ago.”