What would the players remember about their coach ?

Have you ever wondered what you would be remembered for by your players from the period you coached them ? Be sure the players won’t remember you because you teached them well to pass or head the ball… Here is the list of things that players remember about their former coaches.. Honesty…. The first thought a player would be reminded on a former coach was whether he was honest and just… A coach has to be honest and fair to the players, and this is a must… Honor is one of …

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How Good Coaching Leads to Superior Business Performance

Being a sports coach who is able to contribute to the better business performance of his or her sports organization today is a big challenge. No matter whether it is about amateur, recreational, or professional clubs. Coaches no longer represent some marginal educational resource but are a significant source of new values for sports organizations. They are one of the key factors in the business and sports success of sports organizations. Not only the competitive success, but also the business success of sports organization depends on them. It is commonly believed …

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