A Man for all Seasons

This interview has been posted in remembrance of the late famous Croatian coach Tomislav Ivić ( (30.6.1933. – 24.6.2011.), In January 2005, Tomislav Ivić gave a lecture in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. “Habit,” he said, “is the second nature of man. We need to create habits — not as much physical or technical as mental. And you do that by constant repetition. A change in mentality is needed. You have to prepare your men psychologically for a new logic, so that over time they become eager to embrace it.” This wasn’t a psychology …

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The captain understands the game and the coach’s ideas

Let me tell you why a successful coach always insists that the captain should be his choice. The team captain is the coach’s right-hand man on the pitch. It’s understandable that the captain can only be a person who enjoys the coach’s unlimited trust. Equally, the captain needs to really understand the game and the coach’s ideas. During the selection process, there mustn’t be a false democracy and players must fully accept the coach’s decision. It’s crucial that the player has authority among the players, is a first team regular with …

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Branko Ivankovic & Ljubomir Kerekes

The best Croatian actor #ljubomirkerekes ( and the best Croatian football coach #brankoivankovic promoting my book “The successful coach: The choice is yours, Maxi!” Thanks to my friends

What does it mean to be successful?

Each of us wants to be successful. Since its foundation, the man is constantly striving for something better, more beautiful and more perfect. The same is valid for sports coaches. Coaches constantly strive for something better and bigger. Whether it’s about the players, results, clubs, money. There is no doubt that the work is the foundation of every success. However, a lot of hard work it’s not enough to achieve success. In my opinion, to achieve the success you need to change the way of thinking and that in itself, not in …

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The overlooked benefit of an experienced coach

The famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde has an expression with a wonderful thought: “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” Today, how much is the experience of a coach appreciated? In the coaching profession, experience has a priceless value. Supporting this, as the late Croatian coach Djalma Markovic used to say, is “there is no difference between knowledge and the truth”. Ivan Djalma Markovic was a football coach but also a philosopher. A coach who often used metaphors in communication with his players such as “don’t make a phone call …

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