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Why are some coaches not understood by athletes?

There are many sports coaches who are convinced that they are fully understood by athletes when they say or explain something. That coaching prejudice turned out to be wrong. Why is this happening? The wrong belief comes about because coaches can hardly imagine that others do not know what they know. You have probably found yourself in a situation where you’ve explained something to your player and got annoyed because he didn’t understand? Sometimes you even thought he was stupid, not recognizing that the problem wasn’t in the player, but in …

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Players long for understanding

Today’s story may sound scarily familiar to you. You have become the coach of the club (school team) you wanted. You are happy that the club (school) with a long tradition and reputation has recognized in you an expert who will take a step forward. You know most of the players from the club because you have noticed them before and followed their development. These are high-quality players with proven potential. You are convinced that they will readily adhere to your way of working and your coaching culture in order to …

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The Ivankovic dynasty

The football history of the small baroque town of Varazdin, situated in the north of Croatia has been enriched by the Ivankovic family for years. The Ivankovic football dynasty has left the most impressive record in the city’s football history in terms of numbers and achievements. Although the head of the family Franjo Ivankovic had only a short refereeing career in football, his three sons and three grandchildren have left (and are still leaving) an impressive mark on the football history of Croatia and Asia. The biggest breakthrough among the Ivankovic …

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Varazdin – a football coaching phenomenon around the globe

In the north of Croatia, near its capital Zagreb, the small baroque town of Varaždin is located. Beside its magic which is reminiscent of Vienna, Varaždin, a town with fifty thousand inhabitants represents a football coaching phenomenon in the world. There the football career of three top world-famous football coaches was built: Zlatko Dalić, Branko Ivanković, and Dražen Besek. Regardless of their world-famous careers, all three of them with their families still live in Varazdin. All three coaches first imposed themselves on the football public as players of the local First …

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What makes the difference between a good and a successful coach

It is generally accepted that the relevant skills needed for the job of a football coach are professional coaching knowledge, knowledge of technique, tactics, and fitness training. Shortly, professional and technical knowledge and skills that can be learned and practiced through education, and with the help of literature and experience. But what about those “intangible” at first glance hidden, but strongly influential elements of the coach’s personality? How important is the way in which each of the coaches thinks in different situations, feels and behaves in a specific manner for success …

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