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‘Til I Die – I’ll never stop learning

Just like you I suppose, I am helplessly reading the posts on the net hoping to, as soon as possible,  get rid of this incredibly resistant coronavirus that spreads with deadly efficiency and  has kept us away from football matches for a quite a while. While waiting for better times to come, I enjoy watching the Neflix series: “Sunderland ‘Til I Die”. This excellent, emotionally charged series, in addition to reminding me of my former work at the club, also confirmed my old thesis that a football club is not something …

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Stephen Kenny is the new manager of The Boys in Green

Stephen Kenny is the new manager of the Senior Men’s team of the Republic of Ireland football team. He succeeded Mick McCarthy in that prestigious position, widely known as the former manager of Sunderland, Wolverhampton and Ipswich Town. Kenny is an anonymous for the European football public, but a very popular and respected football expert in his Ireland. To succeed, Kenny has had to go through mud and blood to the green fields beyond in his coaching career (Derry City, Shamrock Rovers, Dundalk, Ireland U 21). Finally, his hometown of Dublin …

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In every crisis there is an opportunity

Coronavirus is definitely a danger that is presented today in its worst forms – quarantine and social isolation. Just like you, I am helplessly watching this incredibly resistant virus spreading with deadly, panic-inducing efficiency. And how short it took to dramatically narrow our space for action. Schools, colleges, even kindergartens are closed. Sports activities are completely dead. And worst of all, there is no sure estimate how long  this will last? Because of the nature of their job, football coaches are often found in crisis situations, but this kind of crisis …

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Coaches say hello to eachother, right?

The cover photo, which shows us the greeting of  two Croatian professional coaches, motivated me to write today’s text. Do you notice what’s unusual in the photo? Take a little better look. The coach on the right holds his hand in his pocket while shaking his colleagues hands, his eyes focused on the opposite direction to the one of his colleague. I have to admit that I was surprised to notice that obviously the PRO licensed coach failed to master the basic communication skills during school. Especially since CFF Football Academy …

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Soccer coach and the Arab World

Last week’s dismissals of two respected Croatian coaches in Saudi Arabia have given me a reason to write a few words about the work of coaches in the Arab world. In the third round of Saudi Professional League the footballers of Al Ahli, led by Branko Ivankovic, were defeated at home by Al Wahda coached by Mario Cvitanovic with a score 2: 1. For me, who have been following for many years now the work of Croatian coaches around the world it was a big surprise respecting the fact they took …

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