World Cup 2018 kits

Presentations of official National Soccer teams jerseys that will take place this year in Russia (2018 World Cup Kit) have caused great interest in social networks. This is not unexpected because we live in times of a strong visual culture. The culture in which we are increasingly watching but reading less and less. The visual of the National kit is of great importance to its fans. But also for sports brands, manufacturers and national alliances due to the financial effects of their sales. It is no wonder Adidas and Nike, the …

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No one is immune to criticism, so neither players nor coaches, no matter they are admitting it or not. The word critique itself sounds ugly and has a negative tone, but that does not mean that it must be a priori something bad. Constructive criticism can help us correct our mistakes and improve. In order to benefit from the criticism, we have to listen to it openminded and consider whether the criticism is justified or not. Given that the children are more lively and therefore make more mistakes, among the coaches …

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