Soccer coach and the Arab World

Arab sheiks love football. In the oil-rich Arab countries, the modern stadiums sprang up like mushrooms, and huge amounts have been spent on bringing the top-notch footballers and football professionals from the western world. Certainly the most generous is Quatar. Did you know that some of the well-known football names also couldn’t resist calling of the Qatar petrodollars  such as: Romario, Pep Guardiola, Frank Leboeuf, Frank and Ronald De Boer, Batistuta, Xavi Hernandez. Writing about Arab football imposes a whole lot of questions which need to be answered coherently, like: Can …

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Sports coach as part of the online world

Information technology has brought incredible advances in sports. Computer literacy has become a necessity and need of modern sport, and the use of the internet and social networks an integral part of the life of a coach in the sport. At a time when such a significant amount of our daily lives are being facilitated by the internet, knowledge of digital communication skills is key to ensuring that messages are delivered and received correctly. As I am also spending a good deal of my time on various digital platforms, I have …

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