Soccer coach and the Arab World

Last week’s dismissals of two respected Croatian coaches in Saudi Arabia have given me a reason to write a few words about the work of coaches in the Arab world. In the third round of Saudi Professional League the footballers of Al Ahli, led by Branko Ivankovic, were defeated at home by Al Wahda coached by Mario Cvitanovic with a score 2: 1. For me, who have been following for many years now the work of Croatian coaches around the world it was a big surprise respecting the fact they took …

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Sports coach as part of the online world

Information technology has brought incredible advances in sports. Computer literacy has become a necessity and need of modern sport, and the use of the internet and social networks an integral part of the life of a coach in the sport. At a time when such a significant amount of our daily lives are being facilitated by the internet, knowledge of digital communication skills is key to ensuring that messages are delivered and received correctly. As I am also spending a good deal of my time on various digital platforms, I have …

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