YOUTH FOOTBALL: Result or not?

Is victory the most instinctive impulse a person can feel in the sport? Well yes, not doubt that winning is a tremendous incentive and motivator for every participant in sports events, but I still think there is something more important at young age – having fun playing and at the same time mastering a football alphabet. For every coach who trains kids from eight to ten years of age the easiest way to secure victory would be to select the team from the most powerful and strongest children. But I am …

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Is a lost match a failure?

For successful coaches, it is not! The lost match, but also any other mistake that coach makes, should not be perceived as a failure. It should be accepted as a lesson that moves you forward to future successes. Mistakes that coach makes and lost matches are simply a path to a deeper understanding and future quality solutions. We do need to understand the loss to be able to measure the victory, right? The lost match is nothing if you are aware of your mistakes in the preparation and setting of the …

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