“We do it to be more brave on the pitch”

The success of a club (no matter whether it is school, amateur or professional one) depends not only on whether you have good players and coaches, but also on the climate and communication culture that exists in the club. If all of the mentioned factors are joined in an integrated partnership – the club’s success can not be failed. The success of the small club Ostersunds FK from the eastern Swedish town of 50K inhabitants is a perfect example. Apart from being at the top of the table in the national …

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The managerial merry-go-round

In most football nations, including here in Ireland, after a series of consecutive defeats, it’s common practice to see a change of head coach. Why has this preferred solution by club management become the norm? Usually because after the coach comes in, the result-oriented effect of the team immediately increases. But, in most cases, this growth trend is short-lived. During the first weeks following the change of the coach, players closely watch the new one. They’re obedient, trying to create an impact, with maximum engagement. On the other hand, the new …

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