My new book

Last year’s great successes of the Croatian National Football Team (2018 FIFA World Cup)  and Croatian National Tennis Team (2018 Davis Cup) opened a door for Croatian professional knowledge to penetrate the American market in the field of sports. Business Expert Press, the leading US publisher of business, economics, science and engineering digital content, has announced on its web site my new book titled “Great Coaching And Your Bottom Line: How Good Coaching Leads To Superior Business Performance”. The book will be available on the market in the electronic and printed …

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Coaches who communicate effectively have motivated players

Communication is an indispensable part of the coaching job. In order for the communication of the coach to be effective, it must be timely, understandable, unambiguous and credible. As far as the content of the communication is concerned, it is important that the players understand what the coach wants to tell them. Players need to know what is expected from them, what their contribution to the team is and how it will be evaluated and rewarded. It is important to plan the communication with players in order to ensure accurate information …

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