The coaches also do apologize, don’t they?

I remember the expression on the face of Croatian’s first league club captain Varteks FC Miljenko Mumlek when his coach Branko Ivanković made him apologize to the referee for calling him “monkey”. Are you familiar with this kind of things? Of course. And we ourselves used to lose the nerves as players. But now that we are coaches, pedagogues we have to warn the players that it is not nice to react in that way. It is no longer important who is right or wrong, or whether the judge may have …

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A tracksuit or suit?

We live in a time of strong visual culture imposed on us by social networks. Thanks to them we are increasingly watching but reading less and less. New trends have not bypassed the new generation of coaches and players. Today, it is impossible for coaches to make a career without worrying about their visual image. Whether you like it or not, fans and the public do not have the opportunity to personally meet coaches and get to know them, so they evaluate them on the base of their looks. The vast …

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