A successful sports coach contributes to the business success of his club. Regardless of whether it is a coach of an amateur, school or professional club, being a coach who contributes to better business results of a sports club is a big challenge. Sports coaches are no longer a marginal educational resource, they have become a significant source of new values ​​and business results. The coach is certainly one of the key factors in the club’s business and sporting success. Not only the competitive success depends on them, but also the business success of the sports club. The prevailing opinion among the public is that the most important thing in a coaching job is to be a good teacher and pedagogue, and to master the theory and practice of technique, tactics and fitness preparation.

These qualities are no longer sufficient for a successful coaching career, and thus for successful management of the club. Why? Because the knowledge of communication and marketing skills is at least as important as the expertise and sports results of the coach. Better sports results bring better business results. Although the business success of clubs is usually associated with professional sports, this does not mean that it is not present in amateur and school sports as well. The business results of those clubs are only manifested differently. They are primarily manifested through promotional effects, such as creating a positive image of the school, college, or local community, which indirectly brings financial benefits. In amateur and school sports, the role of people who lead and train athletes is becoming more and more important every day. The selection of a sports coach, based on his abilities, knowledge and skills, is of crucial importance for the successful management of sports organizations.

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