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Sports coach as part of the online world

Information technology has brought incredible advances in sports. Computer literacy has become a necessity and need of modern sport, and the use of the internet and social networks an integral part of the life of a coach in the sport. At a time when such a significant amount of our daily lives are being facilitated by the internet, knowledge of digital communication skills is key to ensuring that messages are delivered and received correctly. As I am also spending a good deal of my time on various digital platforms, I have …

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Branko Ivankovic recommends a book

The Croatian coach Branko Ivankovic is one of the most successful soccer coaches in Asia. During his  brilliant coaching career, he was named Football Manager of the Year five times already: Dinamo Zagreb – Manager of the year in Croatia 2006/2007 Shandong Luneng – Manager of the Year in China 2009/2010 Al Etiffaq – Manager of the Year in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2011/2012 FC Persepolis – Manager of the Year in Iran 2016/2017 FC Persepolis – Manager of the Year in Iran 2017/2018) He is currently appointed as a …

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It is a great challenge to create a quality relationship with athletes

Photo: Shutterstock Regardless of whether it is about children or adults,  a top priority for every coach is to build a quality relationship with athletes. Creating a quality relationship with athletes is often a big challenge. The relationship between a coach and athlete is a key component of a successful team. There are athletes with whom the coaches have no major problems to establish a quality relationship, but there are also athletes who can be closed like a seashell. Establishing a quality relationship with them it’s kind of artwork. In order …

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The overlooked benefit of an experienced coach

The famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde has an expression with a wonderful thought: “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.” Today, how much is the experience of a coach appreciated? In the coaching profession, experience has a priceless value. Supporting this, as the late Croatian coach Djalma Markovic used to say, is “there is no difference between knowledge and the truth”. Ivan Djalma Markovic was a football coach but also a philosopher. A coach who often used metaphors in communication with his players such as “don’t make a phone …

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My new book

Last year’s great successes of the Croatian National Football Team (2018 FIFA World Cup)  and Croatian National Tennis Team (2018 Davis Cup) opened a door for Croatian professional knowledge to penetrate the American market in the field of sports. Business Expert Press, the leading US publisher of business, economics, science and engineering digital content, has announced on its web site my new book titled “Great Coaching And Your Bottom Line: How Good Coaching Leads To Superior Business Performance”. The book will be available on the market in the electronic and printed …

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