Not everyone shares the same gift of perception. Some evaluate the gift of perception as insignificantly small. At the same time it ranks highly when I think about some coach’s  virtues. Lucidity of mind, observational ability and quick decision-making are not only skills needed for pilots and soldiers – but also for coaches. After watching a 90-minute football match, a regular viewer would hardly remember all the disputable details, all the scoring opportunities and all the attacks. Unlike those, coaches fall into the category of people who have the power of detailed observations. A coach who has developed detailed perception skills penetrates into the depths of all the missed opportunities and the opponent’s tactics.

The sharp power to observe the rival’s game has brought victory to certain coaches, and I certainly know many who use this virtue as a good basis to explain why the match was lost. Over the last decade, coaches have paid particular attention to analysis. Together with their expert team, they involve players in the analysis of the game, analysing their rivals, their weaknesses and strengths. You wouldn’t believe how important the power of perception can be when going through this in-depth process.

Sometimes just noticing a minor detail can create a strategic victory. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking our opponents fail to analyse us and our game. Today, everyone is aware of everything, so often little things, such as the power of perception, dominate. He who masters the trivia, knows how to master greater things. Only those who notice even the smallest mistakes can be expected not to put up with the larger ones. Small or large, important or not, coaches usually realise only after the consequences. What entails serious consequences is never a minor issue, no matter how insignificant it seems to us at that particular moment.

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