It is often said that a coach is a man who knows on Friday what will happen on Saturday, and on Sunday he explains why it did not happen on Saturday. A profession of the coach is no longer linked to the pitch or individual or team exclusively. Today, along with the work on the technical and tactical field, a coach must communicate with the media, sponsors, fans but also show to players by his example how to behave, look and represent themselves in their environment. Knowledge of communication and marketing skills can help any coach because do not forget that the mere fact that someone is a good coach is not a guarantee of his success. This is telling us that sports coaches must work on their improvement constantly. Knowledge is a prerequisite for success in any business and especially in a profession that involves working with people.

Fortunately, the time has come when there is an increase in demand for high quality, educated coaches with the positive image. Although they are not „cheap“, they do not have any problems in finding a work. Why shouldn’t you be one of them? By investing in your knowledge, you are indirectly investing in your image. Although there is no major difference in creating the positive image of athletes and positive image of coaches, there are some specifics in creating the image of a coach. Today in order to become successful in any field of action, you have to be distinguished from the others. Quality verbal and nonverbal communication is a prerequisite to creating a positive image.