It’s often said that a coach is a man who says on Friday he knows how his team’s match will end on Saturday, while on Sunday, with the same confidence, he’s explaining why it didn’t happen. From this humorous sentence it can be concluded that the coaching profession is no longer exclusively linked with the pitch, the individual or even team. Today, alongside athletes, a coach has to communicate with the media, sponsors, parents and fans. He also needs to show to them his own example on how to behave, how to appear and to represent himself to the public. Knowledge of communication and marketing skills can help every coach because the mere fact that someone is a good coach is no longer a guarantee of success. Therefore, the sports coaches must constantly develop themselves. Knowledge is vital for success in any business, especially in a profession that involves working with people. We are in a time where more and more high-quality, educated coaches with a positive image are in high demand.

Although they’re not “cheap”, they don’t have a problem finding coaching positions. Why couldn’t you become one of them? By investing in knowledge, you’re investing indirectly into your image. Although they’re not “cheap”, they don’t have a problem finding coaching positions. Although there’s no major difference in creating the image of players and coaches, there are some specifics in creating the image of a coach. In order to become successful in any field, you have to be distinguished and set yourself apart from the others. Good communication of the coach, verbal and non-verbal opens the door to create a positive image.