“The world appreciates success, not value”


There is a common opinion among coaches that the most important skill to achieve a success in the coaching profession is to be a good teacher and educator and to have knowledge about theory and practice of technique, tactic and condition training.

Well, I will  try to convince you, by using arguments, that the above findings are no longer sufficient to achieve a successful coaching career.

Why? Because today, the presentation of the coach himself and presentation of his professional coaching experience is just as important, if not even more important than his expertise and results. Today coach needs to be popular and has to have positive image beside his expert knowledge and sports results. And the popularity can be gained only if his professional work, experience, and sports results are adequately promoted. If so, the sympathy is won and emotions among sports public caught. The more emotions evoked in public, the more chances to gain sympathy and create a positive image in public.

In order to successfully present himself and his expertise, the coach has to have at least basic knowledge about sports marketing and communication skills. If the coach is not able to successfully present himself and his knowledge, the result is usually missing.