A coach on a mission to succeed needs to understand the nature of team leadership. The ability to lead a team is determined by the greatness of the coach. Leading a professional sports team is a complex process that involves mastering an array of skills – from general knowledge, professional expertise, and pedagogy to communication. All these skills are barely acquired in a short period of time. Certainly not overnight, but with time and patience, all the necessary knowledge and skills can be gained by every coach.

Every one of these skills can be learned and improved upon. Do freshly picked grapes turn into wine in just one day? Time is needed for grapes to eventually mature. It’s the same with football coaches. Figuratively speaking, coaches also need to mature. Like many well-known and recognized coaching names, before you flourish you have to work in the shade. Maxi, how long were you only an assistant at Shels? You were there up until the moment your chance came to you. Doors open to anyone who’s willing to take it. Like diamonds that are created under huge pressure, so are coaches created through many temptations. Young coaches are often impatient and want to make their way into a great club overnight. Some often get lost and simply disappear from the coaching scene although many are highly talented. Why? The lack of experience, wisdom and humility. The three virtues that can only be developed over time. Yes Maxi, those are very important elements to gain success in coaching, along with other necessary qualities and maturity.

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